About Us

Welcome to The Official Site of Brexit Trader!

Knowing about Bitcoin is only half the battle. You should also know a little about us here at Brexit Trader too. While we’re required to keep some details surrounding our patented technology confidential, we can share the story of our creation with you.


Our Story

Brexit Trader began its life as a pet project belonging to a group of university graduates. Before Bitcoin blew up in 2017, these students had already realized the potential that the coin held. There were no major brokers at this time, so they went about developing a platform that could facilitate the trading of Bitcoin for them.

This went on until the coin blew up in value. The students, now our founders, were fresh out of college and became overnight millionaires.

Once the shock of the situation wore off, they sat down and got right back to work on Brexit Trader. However, now they had a different sense of direction. After 2017, major institutions began developing broker sites, all of which launched before Brexit Trader could.

Missing this window of opportunity, our founders changed their vision for the platform. Rather than simply facilitating the trading of Bitcoin, they wanted to create an automated system that would do the trading for them.

They contacted some of their old college buddies and had a team put together in a matter of weeks.

What followed were several more years of brainstorming, developing, updating, and more. Every single member of the Brexit Trader team worked tirelessly, but eventually, they got the system finished.

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With Brexit Trader fully developed and launched, you have the opportunity to test out the system for yourself, so what are you waiting for?